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Amplify's Story

Amplify Screen Printing & Promotions is a family business started by two sister-in-laws

        Kimberly launched Sweet Maple Design Co. in January of 2019 as a home décor and apparel sublimation business. This came as a surprise for some as Kimberly is a full time High School Business teacher and a mama to two handsome little boys as well as a wife; but what they didn't know was as a little girl Kimberly dreamed of owning her own businesses day in and day out. She would play in her mom's office and have paper and books everywhere while pretending to run a business. (You know setting up reservations for people at a hotel, operating the cash register, creating designs for companies, using the window as a fast food drive through and pretending to run groceries through the know all the normal stuff 7 and 8 year old's do.) At age nine she started playing the violin and as she grew in skill she dreamed of owning her own music lesson studio one day...little did she know she would marry a man that not only played music for a living but would eventually open up a music shoppe with his two brothers.
     Kimberly began talking about expanding the Sweet Maple business to include screen printing and design she knew she needed a partner to help grow the business.  Shaylon knew she had to be involved when Kimberly began taking about expanding Sweet Maple Design. After long days with three kids ages 2-4, losing yourself in creating something original and launching a business that shared the “motherhood experience” became the perfect outlet.
     Growing up in a musical family in northern Missouri, Shaylon Chapman has always been drawn to the artistic and creative endeavors in life. Her first “business” right out of high school involved the sale of custom tie-dyed clothing direct to friends and family, and quickly spread to a number of boutiques throughout Missouri. In college she was drawn to the arts once again majoring in photography and specializing in alternative film developing techniques.

      Relocating to southern MO after marriage, Shaylon continued working with her hands and expressing herself by refurbishing and customizing furniture in partnership with her brother who owns an industrial sewing business. She would makeover the wooden or metal portions of the piece by restoring and customizing, and her brother would take care of the upholstery and ultimately selling the items in his showroom.

   Today Sweet Maple Design Co. embodies many things that allow Us to be the wives, mommas and business owners that we were made to be. We are a full in house screen printing company that works for you! We are an engraving company that works for you! We are a lifestyle brand that allows you to be a momma and proud of it.